Women – YOU are a FORCE!

11 Feb

Recently, someone dear to me had to make some life changes. Sometimes we stay in situations longer than we should trying to please the church, others, and stop honoring ourselves. We stay in place out of FEAR of the unknown, and continue to put up with the bad behavior of others thinking – it will change. Sometimes it is the fear of not feeling like you have enough or can do enough ALONE! Now, before I hear from those who think I am  condoning separation, divorce, etc.  – I am not! But after you have done all that you can, sometimes you have to make a move. You deserve God’s best for you! You have the power to make it. You are equipped to handle anything, you just have to believe it, speak it, see it, and go for it. Keep God First, and step to your purpose and honor the gift in you. YOU ARE A FORCE!

Words Have Power

9 Feb

Recently, I attended a sports event at one of the Universities that some of the students from my son’s school was invited to participate in.  One of the female athletes was not happy with her results.  She was crying and I could tell she was very upset. I looked around and no one was talking to her or trying to comfort her. I know it is hard when it is not your child, because of all of the issues that you hear or read about everyday; improper touching or not handling a situation properly. I could sit no longer. I got up to go to her. I would want someone to help my child if that happened. As I approached, she was heading away from her seat heading to the bathroom crying harder. I stopped and talked to her and encouraged her. She felt she was a failure. I told her that even adults have off days, and it does not mean she is a failure. I shared a future for her that she has yet to see, and reminded her that if she quit or was too hard on herself, she would stop and lose out on so many opportunities to use her talents. I also told her that she would be able to help someone else in this same situation if she did not quit. I also gave her other words to use other than “I am a Failure”. Words have power, and you have to be careful what you say – you get what you say. She stopped crying; I gave her a motherly hug and she took her seat. She texted me later to let me know that it really helped her. Sometimes a word of encouragement, a hug, a show of concern can help our young people. You have to take action. It could save a life, a career, an image. We hold the key and power to lift up or tear down. Which would you choose? Would you approach someone else’s child? As a note, she was one of the students from our team.  What would you do if you had this opportunity?

Hello world!

23 Jun

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